Instagram Breaks Plugins


Today’s Question: Regarding the Lightroom plugin you mentioned [for posting photos directly to Instagram from a computer], they have a big notice on their site at the moment saying it does not currently function: “Service Note: Instagram has updated their protocol and currently plugin does not work. We are investigating the issue and the plugin will be updated when a fix is available”.

Tim’s Quick Answer: I have confirmed that the LR/Instagram plugin ( that I recommended recently is no longer working. This is, unfortunately, a somewhat common issue with platforms such as Instagram.

More Detail: As I mentioned in a previous answer about posting to Instagram from a computer rather than a mobile device, there are more than a few limits placed by Instagram that can introduce roadblocks.

One such issue is that changes in Instagram can cause plugins to no longer work. The developer of the plugin must then make changes (if possible) so their software will once again function normally. Sometimes this is successful, and sometimes it is not.

It remains to be seen whether the LR/Instagram plugin will be updated to a functional state anytime soon. In the meantime, another application recommended by a reader is called Flume. This application is only available for Macintosh, but it does enable you to upload photos to Instagram directly from your computer. There have been issues with this application not functioning completely at times, but it does appear to be fully functional for now. You can find Flume here:

While I still enjoy sharing my photos on Instagram, I will admit that the restrictions implemented on this platform can be frustrating. If you’re comfortable using Instagram on a mobile device, you’ll generally have a very good experience. If you prefer to use a computer, there will be challenges.

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