Raw Capture Sharpening


Today’s Question: So for us Photoshop users, do all of the settings you mentioned [about sharpening in Lightroom] still apply?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, the settings I recommended for sharpening in the Develop module in Lightroom Classic CC would apply in Photoshop, in the context of initial processing in Adobe Camera Raw. Creative or output sharpening would then be applied later in your workflow, such as by using the Smart Sharpen filter.

More Detail: The same adjustments can be found in both Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom’s Develop module. That means you can apply the same adjustments with the same results using either software. It also means that the same settings can be used with both, with equal results.

If you missed the tips on sharpening settings for Lightroom (and thus Camera Raw), you can review the information in this article:


One of the advantages of Photoshop over Lightroom is that you have greater control over the final sharpening you apply to a photo before printing or otherwise sharing it. You also have a preview of the output sharpening effect in Photoshop, which Lightroom does not provide.

So, the basic concepts apply equally in both Camera Raw and Lightroom. The only real difference is the specific workflow involved, and the fact that Photoshop provides additional tools above and beyond those available in Lightroom.