Turning Off Automatic Updates


Today’s Question: You recommend against allowing or enabling auto-update of Adobe Creative Cloud applications (for valid reasons). If one was so careless as to allow it, is there a way to undo it?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can disable automatic updates for Creative Cloud applications at any time in the Preferences for the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

More Detail: As noted in a previous edition of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, I do recommend disabling automatic application updates, primarily so you can get a sense of whether there are any problems with the update before installing it.

The Adobe Creative Cloud application recently included an update that offers to enable the automatic installation of new versions of applications as soon as that update is available.

If you had previously enabled the automatic-update feature when prompted with a popup, you can still turn that feature off in the Preferences for the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

First, click on the icon for the Creative Cloud application on the taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Macintosh). Then click the icon with three dots arranged vertically, which you will find at the top-right of the Creative Cloud application window. Choose Preferences from the popup menu, and click on the “Creative Cloud” tab.

At the bottom of the Creative Cloud tab in Preferences you will find an “Enable auto-update” checkbox. You can then click the “back” button at the top-left of the Creative Cloud window to leave the Preferences screen. With the “Enable auto-update” checkbox turned off, updates will not be installed until you click the “Update” button on the Apps tab of the Creative Cloud application.