Borderless Printing


Today’s Question: How can I make a borderless print in Lightroom? When I try to reduce the margin settings, I’m not able to go below 0.13 inches for all four sides of the print. How can I set the margins to zero?

Tim’s Quick Answer: To print borderless from Lightroom Classic CC you actually need to select one of the borderless paper options first. These options can be found in the Page Setup dialog.

More Detail: With the default paper options, you aren’t able to produce a borderless print in Lightroom. Instead you will be limited in setting the margins based on the capabilities of your printer for a non-borderless print. These limits are often in the vicinity of 0.25 inches on each side of the print.

In order to be able to reduce the margins to zero, you need to select a borderless paper option. Start by clicking the Page Setup button at the bottom of the left panel in the Print module. In the Page Setup dialog, make sure the correct printer is selected from the Format For popup.

Then click the Paper Size popup, where you can choose the specific size of the paper you’ll be printing to. For many of the available paper sizes there will be various options on a submenu. Among those, for supported paper sizes, you will find one or more “Borderless” options. You’ll see borderless options for “Auto Expand” and “Retain Size”. I recommend selecting the “Auto Expand” option for the applicable paper size to ensure there won’t be a small blank margin around the print, which may appear if you choose the “Retain Size” option.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate paper size option you can click the OK button to close the Page Setup dialog. You’ll then be able to set the margins on all sides to zero, and set the Cell Size settings to the full size of the page, so you can produce a borderless print.