Disappearing Dehaze?


Today’s Question: I just installed the latest version of Lightroom, and the Dehaze adjustment appears to have disappeared! What happened to this great adjustment?

Tim’s Quick Answer: With the latest release of Lightroom Classic CC (and Camera Raw) the Dehaze adjustment has been relocated to the Basic set of adjustments, alongside the Clarity adjustment.

More Detail: I can certainly understand being a little alarmed if you noticed that the Dehaze adjustment was no longer in the Effects set of controls. After all, Dehaze is a remarkably powerful adjustment that can greatly improve many images. Fortunately, the Dehaze adjustment was not removed, but rather relocated to a different adjustment category.

I’ve actually long hoped that Dehaze would be moved to the same set of adjustments as the Clarity adjustment, since these two adjustments fit into the same general category of effect (at least in my mind). So I’m very happy that the Dehaze adjustment is now a little more accessible and in a position that I consider to be more logical.

If I apply a Dehaze adjustment to an image, I find that I very often want to also apply a Clarity adjustment, in order to emphasize some of the finer textures and details in the photo.

So, rest assured that Dehaze is still very much available in Lightroom and Camera Raw, it has just been moved to a different location among the adjustments.