Photos to the Map


Today’s Question: How do I add a photo to a place on the map [in Lightroom] if the photo doesn’t have any GPS info?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Put simply, in the Map module in Lightroom you can add location information to the metadata for a photo by dragging the photo from the filmstrip to the correct location on the map.

More Detail: Some photos, of course, will appear on the map in Lightroom automatically, if they have been captured with a camera that includes a GPS receiver. You might also use the option to synchronize a GPS track log (assuming you have recorded such a log) to add location information to a group of photos, and therefore add them to the map. But you can also manually add location information to photos by simply dragging and dropping them to the map.

To get started, make sure you can view the photos you want to work with on the filmstrip. That may simply mean navigating to a specific folder, but you might also want to use various filter criteria. Then switch to the Map module so you can view the map and add photos to the map.

Next, navigate to the correct location on the map. You can use the zoom controls for the map, and also click-and-drag on the map to move to the intended location. In addition, you can use the Search field at the top-right of the map to navigate more quickly to a specific location.

When you can view the correct location on the map display, you’re ready to drag-and-drop photos to the map. You can first select multiple photos if they were captured in the same location on the map. Then drag and drop the selected photo (or photos) from the filmstrip to the correct position on the map.

When you drop one or more images on the map, the GPS coordinates for that position on the map will be added to the metadata for the images.