Folder for Image in a Collection


Today’s Question: [In Lightroom] how can you find the original folder for an image that is in a collection?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can navigate to the source folder for any image in Lightroom by right-clicking on the image and choosing “Go to Folder in Library” from the popup menu.

More Detail: The “Go to Folder in Library” command can be tremendously helpful in a variety of situations, where you have located a particular image but you don’t know which folder that image is contained in. As noted in today’s question, this solution is helpful when you have located an image in a collection but don’t know which folder the image is stored in. Similarly, when you search for an image within your Lightroom catalog it may not be clear which folder the image is in.

With the “Go to Folder in Library” command you will be taken directly to the folder for the image you right-clicked on. That means the folder in question will be highlighted on the Folders list on the left panel in the Library module. In addition, the image you right-clicked on will be selected, so it is the active image and therefore readily visible.