Filter by Image Orientation


Today’s Question: Is there a way in Adobe Bridge to specifically search for vertical versus horizontal images?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes! In fact there is an Orientation section on the Filter panel, which enables you to filter based on Landscape, Portrait, and Square aspect ratios.

More Detail: Adobe Bridge actually includes some rather sophisticated options for filtering your photos, including the ability to browse across a large range of folders.

The first step is to browse the photos in the location you want to search. That might mean, for example, selecting an individual folder from the Folders panel. You can also select a parent folder and then go to the menu and choose View > Show Items From Subfolders to display all images within all subfolders of the parent folder you selected.

You can then find the various filtering options on the Filter panel. If this panel isn’t currently visible you can choose Window > Filter Panel from the menu to bring it up. Expand the Orientation section if it is collapsed, and then select the orientation you want to filter by. You can also select other filter criteria to help narrow your search, of course.

I will offer one word of caution, however. If you are searching for an image for a specific output method (such as the cover of a magazine), don’t forget that in many cases it is possible to crop an image to a different orientation. A horizontal image of high resolution could potentially be cropped to a vertical version that can then be used for a magazine cover, for example.