Upgrade Benefits


Today’s Question: I have been using Adobe Lightroom 5 and still not too efficient with this program. What advantages would I gain if I purchase Lightroom CC?

Tim’s Quick Answer: If you opt for subscribing to an Adobe Creative Cloud plan that includes Lightroom, the key benefit would be ongoing updates including support for new camera raw capture formats. Then you would need to choose between Lightroom Classic CC (which is essentially the latest version of what had been Lightroom 5 and then Lightroom 6) or Lightroom CC (which is the new cloud-based workflow solution).

More Detail: As noted in a previous Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, Adobe has released the final update to the version of Lightroom with a “perpetual” license. In other words, you can only get future updates to Lightroom by subscribing to an Adobe Creative Cloud plan that includes Lightroom.

There are a handful of new features included in Lightroom Classic CC that are not included in Lightroom 5. These include the ability to merge high dynamic range (HDR) and composite panoramic images, a facial recognition feature that speeds the identification of people in your photos, greater flexibility with targeted adjustments, and more. For most photographers interested in using Lightroom to manage their photography workflow, I recommend using Lightroom Classic CC.

The new Lightroom CC cloud-based solution revolves around the online synchronization of all original captures in your entire library of photos. This is certainly an interesting feature, and one that some photographers may find very appealing. However, in my mind there are enough features still missing from this new version of Lightroom that for most photographers Lightroom CC does not provide an adequate solution yet. In other words, for most photographers I would recommend waiting until Lightroom CC has been updated to include additional key features before considering it as a potential solution in your workflow.

Note that you can view a recording of a recent presentation in the GreyLearning Webinar Series that addresses the differences between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC on the Tim Grey TV channel on YouTube here: