Video in Photoshop


Today’s Question: Is it possible to process videos in Photoshop CC?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes! You can apply adjustments to video clips within Photoshop, and then render the result as a new video for use in other projects.

More Detail: When you open a video clip in Photoshop, your initial impression may be that you’ve opened a still photo. The only real clue that you’re working with a video clip is that the Timeline panel will be presented automatically when a video is opened. You can access this panel at anytime by choosing Window > Timeline from the menu.

On the Timeline panel you can zoom in or out on the timeline for the video, and move the play head slider back and forth to locate specific areas of the video. For example, you could move the play head to a representative frame in the video, to be used for applying adjustments.

You can then apply creative filter effects to the video just as though it were a still photo. In addition, other adjustments are available. You might, for example, want to add adjustment layers to alter the appearance of the video.

When you’re finished applying the various adjustments, you can render a version of the video that includes your adjustments. To do so, click the Render Video button (it has a curved arrow icon), and choose the filename and location where you want to save the resulting video. You can even save the video with all adjustments intact as a Photoshop PSD file, so that later you can open this PSD file to refine existing adjustments or add new adjustments.