Pen Pressure Fail


Today’s Question: I’ve been using the Wacom tablet with Photoshop CS6 and the pen responds to pressure.  With the download of Photoshop CC, there is not response to pressure. I may as well be using a mouse. Is there a fix?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can either “force” the use of pen pressure to affect size or adjust the brush preset settings within the Brush panel in order to resolve this issue.

More Detail: With the brush-based tools within Photoshop that support pen pressure, there is a button on the options bar that enables you to force the use of the stylus pressure to adjust brush size. You’ll find this button at the far right of the Options bar for tools such as the Brush tool and the Clone Stamp tool.

If you don’t want to turn on this “universal” setting, you can also adjust the settings for individual brush presets using the Brush panel. For example, on the Shape Dynamics tab of the Brush panel you can set the Control popup for Size Jitter to “Pen Pressure”. This setting can be adjusted for each individual preset in the Brush panel, so if you want to always use the stylus pen for adjusting the brush size, the “universal” setting on the Options bar may be your better approach.