Saving a Color


Today’s Question: Is there a way to save a color for easy reference in Photoshop? I use a specific color for my watermark in Photoshop, and right now I have to remember the RGB values in order to make sure I can always reproduce the same color.

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can indeed save a specific color by creating a swatch for that color in Photoshop. You can then use that color swatch to select the saved color anytime you need it.

More Detail: If you have already brought up the Color Picker dialog to select your color, you can save that color by clicking the “Add to Swatches” button. You can also save a color swatch directly through the Swatches panel, which can be brought up by choosing Window > Swatches from the menu.

If you are using the Swatches panel to save a color swatch, first set the foreground color (at the bottom of the toolbox) to the desired color. Then click the “Create New Swatch” button (the blank sheet of paper icon at the bottom of the Swatches panel) to create a new color swatch.

Whether you’ve initiated the process from the Color Picker dialog or the Swatches panel, the Color Swatch Name dialog will appear. You can type a meaningful name in the Name field, so that you’ll be able to easily identify the color later. You can also turn on the “Add to my current library” checkbox, so that the color swatch will be saved in your Creative Cloud Library. This enables you to access the same saved colors in various Creative Cloud applications.

Once you’ve saved a color swatch, you can access the saved color at any time by simply clicking on the applicable color swatch on the Swatches panel.