Triptych in Lightroom


Today’s Question: Can you create a Triptych in Lightroom, and if so do you have any helpful hints on how to do it?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can create a Triptych in Lightroom by combining three images on a single page in the Print module. In fact, there is a “Triptych” template in the Print module that serves as a great starting point for this project.

More Detail: The Triptych template in the Print module in Lightroom places three square images on the page, but you can modify this layout to suit your personal preferences.

Before you get started creating your Triptych you’ll want to be sure that the images you want to include are shown on the filmstrip on the bottom panel. You can navigate to a folder, apply a filter, or employ a collection to ensure the desired photos are on the filmstrip.

Next, go to the Print module and choose the Triptych template from the Template Browser on the left panel. You can then click the Page Setup button to choose the paper size you want to print to as well as the orientation (portrait versus landscape) for the print. Click OK in the Page Setup dialog to apply the changes.

At this point you can choose the “Selected Photos” option from the Use popup on the toolbar below the print preview area and select the photos you want to include in the Triptych. You can also adjust the order of the images on the filmstrip to change the order of the images in the Triptych.

You can also adjust the settings on the right panel to fine-tune the overall look of the Triptych. For example, if you want to use non-square images in the Triptych you can turn off the “Keep Square” checkbox in the Layout section of the right panel and adjust the Cell Size sliders to adjust the size of the cells that contain the images in the print layout.

When you’re finished creating your Triptych layout, you can of course print the final result. You can also save the resulting layout as a JPEG image by choosing the “JPEG File” option from the “Print to” popup in the Print Job section of the right panel.