Text Readability


Today’s Question: Many of our friends prefer Adobe Bridge to Lightroom because the controls are easier to see (black on white) and also larger. The gray on black interface of Lightroom is harder to see and just doesn’t seem to communicate like Bridge. Or can those colors be changed?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Unfortunately you aren’t able to change the overall interface color in Lightroom in a way that will improve the readability of text and other controls. You can enlarge the font size, but you can’t change the colors for the text or controls.

More Detail: There is an option for changing the Background color in the Preferences for Lightroom. However, that option relates to the background behind the image, not to the overall interface.

You can change the Font Size option on the Interface tab in Preferences. There are options for “Small” and “Large”. I recommend the “Large” option to make the text easier to read. Note that when you change this setting you need to restart Lightroom for the change to take effect.

I agree that it would be very nice to be able to change the overall interface appearance within Lightroom. If you would like to let Adobe know you would like to see this update (or another feature or improvement) in a future version of Lightroom, I encourage you to submit the feature request form here: