Photos to Facebook


Today’s Question: I’m new to Facebook, and was wondering when you post images from Ligthroom directly to Facebook, can you have multiple pictures in one timeline event? I see you can post to photo albums, etc. But each image is a separate timeline event. With some posts I would like to group more than one picture to a single timeline event.

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can publish multiple photos from Lightroom to Facebook as a single event on your timeline. You just need to create a new collection for that task, and then publish all of the photos in that collection at the same time. Facebook will then include all of the photos published as part of that process in a single timeline event.

More Detail: You first, of course, need to authorize Lightroom to access your Facebook account, which you can do by clicking the “Set Up” link to the right of Facebook in the Publish Services section of the left panel in the Library module in Lightroom.

Once you’ve configured Lightroom to be able to access your Facebook account, the next step is to create a collection for publishing a group of photos to Facebook. You can start by selecting the photos you want to include on that collection. For example, you might filter your photos so you can only see those you’re interested in sharing on the Filmstrip. Then select the specific photos you want to share to Facebook.

With those images selected, right-click on the Facebook item in the Publish Services section of the left panel and choose “Create Collection” from the popup menu that appears. In the Create Collection dialog, configure the settings for this collection, including the details in the “Facebook Album” section, such as the “Album Name”. When you’re finished configuring these settings, click the Create button to actually create the collection.

Finally, viewing the new collection under Facebook in Publish Services, and with the Grid view enabled (which you can do by pressing “G” on the keyboard if you were in the Loupe view), click the “Publish” button toward the top-right of the images in the Grid view display. This will cause all of the photos to be published to the Facebook album you specified, and once the process is complete the publication of those photos will appear as a single timeline event.

Note that as the several photos are published, you will initially see an event for a single photo, but that will update as each photo is published so that you still only have a single timeline event for all of the photos you just published.