“Save for Web” is Missing


Today’s Question: I recently upgraded my version of Photoshop CC, and now the “Save for Web” command is missing. Has this feature been discontinued? I’ve been using this option to create PNG images with transparency, and want to be able to continue using “Save for Web”. What happened?!

Tim’s Quick Answer: In effect, the “Save for Web” command previously found on the File menu in Photoshop has simply be renamed to “Export”. There is an option for “Quick Export as PNG”, or you can choose “Export As” to configure the settings similar to what you had previously done with the “Save for Web” feature.

More Detail: The “Quick Export as PNG” command will create a PNG that preserves transparency, so this option will likely work perfectly well for you. When you’re ready to save an image as a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file, simply choose File > Export > Quick Export as PNG from the menu. This will bring up the Save As dialog, where you can specify the filename and location for the PNG image that will be created. Click the Save button, and the PNG will be saved.

If you prefer to configure specific settings for the PNG image being created, you can instead choose File > Export > Export As from the menu. This will bring up the Export As dialog, which allows you to configure all of the various settings for the PNG image (or a JPEG or GIF, for example) very similar to the approach you would have taken with the “Save for Web” dialog in previous versions of Photoshop.

If you prefer to use the previous “Save for Web” dialog, you can still access that dialog in the latest version of Photoshop. Simply choose File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) from the menu, and you’ll see the Save for Web dialog you’re familiar with.