Pixel Grid


Today’s Question: When I zoom in really close on a photo in Photoshop, I can see grid lines outlining every pixel. I find this very distracting. Is there a way to turn it off?

Tim’s Answer: The grid lines you are referring to are the “Pixel Grid” display option in Photoshop, which is enabled by default. I too find those grid lines to be rather distracting, and most of the time I prefer not to see them. So, I keep the Pixel Grid turned off, and turn it on temporarily when I feel it will be helpful.

You can disable (or enable) the Pixel Grid display in Photoshop by choosing View > Show > Pixel Grid from the menu. When a checkmark icon is shown to the left of Pixel Grid on the menu, that is an indication the feature is enabled. When you turn the Pixel Grid off, the checkmark icon will disappear along with the grid display you’ve been seeing when you zoom in on your photos.